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A-Z Companies In the Park

QBurst Technologies Pvt.Ltd

C-22, Thejaswini , Technopark Campus Trivandrum 695 581
Phone: +91-471-653-7510
Fax: +91-471-401-6044
Managing Director: Prathapan Sethu, Binu Dasappan & Ansar Shahabudeen

QBurst Technologies Pvt Ltd is a software development company dealing with web-based application development services. It has developed new-generation IT solutions, innovative new products and created internal web-based systems to improve productivity of many start-ups and established companies. The services provided by QBurst include identifying best-of-breed technologies and frameworks, selection of servers and network equipment, addressing scalability, performance and availability requirements, figuring out the best deployment configuration, as well as hosting and supporting the application.


QBurst has grown pretty quickly since its inception in 2004 and provide end-to-end solutions to clients. It has an extensive client base located in the US, Europe, Middle East and India. The clientele can be listed as follows: Plusnet, TierLinear, Clearspring, Oncommunications, DeSilva Gates, PrivateFly, LocallyCompared, TravNations, Smart Touch, etc. QBurst has offices in Technopark and Pattom in Trivandrum, India and Fairfax in Virginia, USA. The most advanced web technologies such as MVC web application frameworks like Symfony, CakePHP, Django, Zend, Struts, Spring, Ruby on Rails, and .NET are used by QBurst. It also uses JavaScript and AJAX tool kits like ExtJS, Scriptaculous, Prototype, Dojo, JQuery, YUI and MooTools to bring richness and responsiveness to the User Interface. Most of these web applications are powered by MySQL database, but SQL Server, Oracle and Postgre are also used as the database. Where there is a lot of unstructured and text data available QBurst uses Lucene and Google's BigTable in application engine projects. These web applications are hosted in a variety of environments such as shared, dedicated, virtual dedicated and of late in Amazon EC2, Flexiscale, Akamai and Google. More information about QBurst is available at

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