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A-Z Companies In the Park

UST Global

721, NILA, Technopark Campus Trivandrum 695 581 India
120 Vantis, Suite 500 Aliso Viejo
Phone: (91) 0471 2335777, 949.716.8757
Fax: (91) 0471 2527276, 949.716.8396
CEO: Sajan Pillai

Chairman: Dan Gupta rivandrum Centre Head: Alexander Varghese UST Global (UST) is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions for Global 2000 companies. The company has a client-centric Global Engagement Model that combines local, senior, on-site resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of off-shore operations. In every business engagement, UST seek the opportunity to build long-lasting, strategic relationships. This client-centric focus is the heart of its corporate values and the soul of its culture, and forms the basis for how UST, as a company, operate and serve its clients. Commitment to long-term client success empowers every associate to provide value and flexibility beyond the contract. UST is certified by KPMG as an SEI-CMMI and PCMM Level 5 company. UST adopt Six Sigma practices for developing its client-facing processes. UST centers in India are now ISO 27001 certified. These certifications and practices provide a qualified foundation for all UST service offerings and enable their clients to benefit internally. For more information about UST Global, please visit their website:

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