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A-Z Companies In the Park

ARS Traffic and Transport Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd

131-135, 1st Floor, Nila,
Technopark Campus
Phone: 471-2527444, 2527155
Website: /



ARS Software Engineering is the subsidiary of ARS T&TT Netherlands, an international IT total solution provider for industries, service providers and authorities, which was established in Technopark, India on 15th January 2001. ARS T & TT has successfully executed major turn-key projects over the past 10 years. ARS' primary market domains include industry, transport and logistics and communications. ARS specializes in conceiving and constructing IT solutions. The standard and tailor-made solutions of ARS are applied in professional and end-user environments. End-to-end solutions come within reach by ARS' vast knowledge and experience with private , freight- and public transport on all geographic scales (urban to international). ARS provides in-vehicle solutions (hardware and software) that integrate the transporting units with central logistic systems, thus extending and improving control and management outside the industrial premises. Services provided by ARS include consultancy (both market research and technology counselling), system development, system integration, project management and system support. ARS provides functional and technical solutions for the exchange of data between professional and end-user systems. ARS has knowledge and skills in the field of data exchange standards for data embedding and formatting, fixed line and wireless communication technologies and protocols such as TCP/IP, CORBA, GSM, GPRS, Ethernet, Bluetooth, W-LAN, DSRC, RDS. Functional solutions provided by ARS include palmtop based GSM and GPRS communication solutions, tracking and tracing solutions, audio response systems (DMTF and speech recognition) and subscription technology and the safe integration of Web-based solutions with corporate systems.


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