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Magnicode Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We love working with entrepreneurial-minded businesses that need fast, cost effective and reliable product development. We bring years of business start-up and onlinedevelopment experience to projects, combining highly skilled, tech-savvy project management with our own core of expert developers. Approaching every project as if it were our own business, we look for opportunities and find ways to get the most bang out of every client's development budget. 

We understand business. We work closely with clients - large and small - to identify real opportunites, define business strategy and follow through on executing planned developments. Sometimes we launch new businesses. Sometimes we take over management of web initiatives that need a boost. Sometimes we just execute the plan.
 We're passionate about results. Our developers have been around more projects than we can count. We pride ourselves on getting solid applications to market faster than anyone thought was possible.

Most of our assignments turn into long term strategic relationships with clients. 

Web & Mobile Application Development:
Our award winning engineers have developed ground breaking commercial software, innovative spins of existing technology, and basic nuts-and-bolts websites. We develop and manage robust, dynamic websites and online applications from beginning to end.

We work with most technologies. The key is what works best for your business and for the application we are building.

We are ready to hit the ground running with all of the experience and resources you need to build your product. And as your business evolves, the depth and flexibility of our resources can grow with you.

Domain expertise : PHP, .net, IOS, Android