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    Confianz Information Technologies Pvt Ltd
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    4th Floor, Padmanabham Building, Technopark campus
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Confianz Information Technologies Pvt Ltd

Confianz is a Software Solutions provider with offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States and Technopark, Kerala, India.
Mr. Menon’s vision was to create an IT solutions provider focused on opensource technologies. While the early discussions and plans started in 2007, it was only in 2008 that Confianz was born.
The Vision of Confianz is “To become the most reliable, innovative IT company on the globe, focused on our customers.”
Mr.Menon has envisaged Confianz as a customer centric and employee friendly work culture dedicated to solving customers’ problems using technology. We do that by putting the customer first and making sure we have the right people in the right seats for all our positions.
In the last 10 years, Confianz has grown from a 2 person startup to a multi-national company supporting customers in more than 10 countries. We are an Odoo Gold Partner catering to large manufacturing, retail, and wholesale businesses in the United States and Canada. As an Odoo  partner we can acquire your licenses for the best rates from odoo Inc
Confianz is different from others in the following ways
  1. Strict NDA and contract with the jurisdiction set to your own state in the US.
  2. No third party outsourcing on design, development or support/maintenance.
  3. All projects are insured by a third party.
  4. Work for Hire - You own the intellectual property rights to your application. We do not reuse or sell your code or data.
  5. With our global presence, we are affordable for startups, to SMBs, to large corporations.
  6. Excellent experience working on small to large projects from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.
  7. In-house team who can prototype, design, develop, test and get the application approved in the Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.
  8. We have excellent experience in building web services that can be the backbone for your Android or iOS app.
  9. Hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Rackspace and Digital Ocean for your hosting needs.
  10. Solid team who can help scale up or down your needs based on how your business is growing.
  11. 100% transparency

Our Major services/solutions include -
Odoo  Implementation
Odoo Customization
Android App development
iOS App development
Website Development
Currently we are more focused in the North American and European markets. 

Domain expertise : Odoo, Java/J2EE, Python, PHP, ios, Android, Django, Grails