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    ARS Traffic & Transport Technology India Private Limited
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    131-135, First Floor, Nila Building Technopark Campus Thiruvananthapuram
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  • Managing Director
    Ravindran Parthasarathi
  • Director - Technology
    Praveen Babu

ARS Traffic & Transport Technology India Private Limited

We pride ourselves on being the end to end provider in the ITS domain providing both the hardware devices and the software required for our clients. We are passionate about providing top of the line solutions to our clients by working on cutting edge technologies with a relentless emphasis on the quality of our deliverables. ARS has established its credentials in niche sectors like Tolling Solutions, Passenger Information Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Public Transport Management System (PTMS), Parking Solutions and Surveillance Systems. Founded on 15th January 2000 as ARS Software Engineering Private Limited and re-branded as ARS Traffic & Transport Technology Private Limited in 2013, ARS is a 100% subsidiary of ARS T & TT BV based in the Netherlands. Based on the successful execution of major turnkey projects over the past 15 years, ARS T&TT has established itself as an international IT total solution provider for industries, service providers and authorities. ARS has expanded its Indian operations and started operations in Pune in December 2012 to cater exclusively to the Indian operations of ARS. ARS T&TTâ??s Key areas of Specialization include: - Strategic, tactical and operational consultancy on ITS issues - Optimisation of existing traffic information and traffic management centres - Dynamic travel information for road traffic and public transport - Dynamic guidance systems for bus stations and car parks - Speed limit enforcement (average speed and single point systems) - Access control systems and enforcement - Automatic enforcement of restricted environmental zones for non-compliant traffic - Traffic planning systems - Road pricing and toll systems - Fleet management - 24/7 international monitoring and operation of ITS systems

Domain expertise : ITS, .net, Java, C++, Android, IOS, Hadoop,