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Cyber Security Engineer

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Preferred skills

Cyber Security Engineer 1-5 years

Experience in VAPT-Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration testing web applications for

common security vulnerabilities such as input validation vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting, SQL

injection and insecure direct object references

  • Experience in performing various security assessments
  • Experience in training and educating the client on the inherent risks.
  • Experience in providing meaningful hardening and mitigation strategies.
  • Expertise in Conducting network and web-based application penetration tests
  • Expertise in Conducting physical security assessments
  • Expertise in Conducting logical security audits and hands-on technical security evaluations and implementations
  • Expertise in Conducting subject matter expertise of focused capabilities in the topics of database security, wireless security, or application and development security
  • Expertise in Conducting wireless security assessments
  • Expertise in Conducting social engineering assessments
  • Expertise in Conducting mobile application assessments
  • Experience with pen testing tools, and network and application security scanners
  • Familiarity with OWASP Top Ten Security Standard and any other similar standards
  • Knowledge in Linux & Windows Network platform
  • Should be certified in CEH or any recognized cyber security certifications
  • Strong communication  with Verbal Skill Set
  • Willing to travel to client onsite locations
  • Remuneration will be best as per Industry standard.
Experience: 1- 5 years