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    Voldumar Pvt Ltd.
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    SBC-1, Thejaswini Building
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    Sudheesh Thampi
  • Manager
    Mukesh Thakkar
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    Aneesh Surendran

Voldumar Pvt Ltd.

At Voldumar, we transform the collection of your raw data (external + internal) into usable and actionable business intelligence to help identify, develop and create operational and strategic business opportunities. We create custom executive dashboard tools for your business analytic needs, including cohort analysis, behavioral analytics, contextual data modeling, financial services analytics, fraud analytics, and more.

Our content rich dashboards are created with easy functionality and customized to blend with your company’s color/style/brand. This valuable resource provides ongoing business intelligence to allow you to make important strategic decisions within your business structure.

Domain expertise : Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Survey Programming, Dashboards, Data Processing, Real time Online Reporting, Franchise Performance Review, Financial Performance Case Studies, C# ,.Net ,ASP ,SQL, PHP, Java and Mobile development(IPhone and Android)