61st edition of FAYA:80

The 61st edition of FAYA:80, Decentralized Applications using Ethereum : A Hands-On Approach, will be an opportunity for all application developers, testers, technical managers and other technology enthusiasts to make their step into the real development using #Blockchain with #Ethereum

World environment day 2018

World environment day celebration

'Jalwa Season 4' and 'DJ Pro Show'

Natana presents 'Jalwa Season 4' and 'DJ Pro Show'

Blood donation camp

Emergency blood donation camp

60th edition of FAYA:80

Knowledge has begining, but no end. We would like to welcome you all for the new learnings.Join the 60th edition of FAYA:80 on 2nd May 2018 at 5pm to discover the possibilities - AWS Device Farm opens up for the developers, testers, business analysts and other technology enthusiasts.