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The Department of IT, Govt. of Kerala and Technopark, Trivandrum along with other entities of Kerala IT like Infopark and Cyberpark Kozhikode, will showcase their unique features and their contributions to the field at the 36th edition of India International Trade Fair (IITF) 2016 being held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The fair, which was inaugurated on Monday by President Pranab Mukherjee features a special 'Kerala Pavillion' which was officially inaugurated by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.
The state level final of the ICTAK Techathlon - Kerala's technical contest for engineering students - was carried out at Technopark, Trivandrum on November 10 and 11, 2016. The second edition of the Techathlon featuring 20 teams from various engineering colleges across Kerala will compete in various competitions which are aimed at helping them gain skills that will help fulfil their career dreams. Mr. Santhosh Kurup CEO, ICTAK and Hrishikesh Nair, CEO of Technopark were present on the occasion. Technopark Trivandrum extends our congratulations to Team PENTA of St. Joseph's College of Engineering and Technology, Pala for winning ICTAK Techathlon 2016-17 and Team TECHNICAL KNOCKOUTS from the College of Engineering Vadakara for securing the second place.
Kerala start up Mission calls application for Fab Academy 2017. The Fab academy is aligned with MIT and the course is of international accreditation and participants will get international exposure. Kerala start up Mission have two MIT Fab labs one at Technopark and the other at Ernakulum.
The Fab Academy teaches principles and applications of digital fabrication. 
The Fab Diploma is awarded by the Fab Academy. It has no institutional connection with MIT (and none should be claimed), but a number of the participating sites offer it overlaid with their local accreditation. It recognises readiness to work in, and establish, a fab lab. The Fab Diploma has led to students obtaining employment, investment, admission, and recognition.
The Fab Academy platform has subsequently been used to add classes that share the model of hands-on instruction to students in work groups, with local mentors, linked by shared content and interactive lectures by global leaders. The first of these is How To Grow (almost) Anything, an introduction to biotechnology with a faculty team led by Harvard’s Prof. George Church, with more classes under development, as well as programs for more advanced study planned.
Diploma / Individual Fab Academy Certificates
1. digital fabrication principles and practices – 1 week
2. computer-aided design, manufacturing, and modelling – 1 week
3. computer-controlled cutting – 1 week
4. electronics design and production – 2 weeks
5. computer-controlled machining – 1 week
6. embedded programming – 1 week
7. 3D moulding and casting – 1 week
8. collaborative technical development and project management – 1 week
9. 3D scanning and printing – 1 week
10. sensors, actuators, and displays – 2 weeks
11. interface and application programming – 1 week
12. embedded networking and communications – 1 week
13. machine design – 2 weeks
14. digital fabrication applications and implications – 1 week
15. invention, intellectual property, and business models – 1 week
16. digital fabrication project development – 2 weeks
Fab Academy 2017 is scheduled to begin from January 18, 2016. The application will be open till end of November.

Concept      :  Hari S Pillai
Illustration  :  VK
Company    :  Perfomatix Solutions
Author      :  Annie Moses
Company :  Park Centre, Technopark

Mid Day Dream
As I look into my PC in front of me,
I see all black & white letters scrolling;
I want to get myself off the key
which is moving faster and trolling;

I feel the heat of the time's need,
which is what I prefer at this time;
Though I cannot control the mere speed,
of the time which is cruel than a crime;

My dream is glowing in my mind,
which is full of lovely flowers;
I feel so lonely inside my wild

thoughts which flows like blowers;
I can see the heart throbbing scenes,
of the dream which goes out of my view;
Tired I lie in the arms of the greens,
floating in the hangover in a queue.
An aerial view of the Nila food court at Technopark, Trivandrum.
Photo Courtesy - Ratheesh Sundhram
Technopark Trivandrum is not just one of the biggest IT parks in the country
Technopark Trivandrum is not just one of the biggest IT parks in the country, it is also an institution that creates opportunities for tens of thousands of techies, serves as a platform for the creation and unveiling of new and advanced technology and software and an avenue for progress.