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Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. 
New Year - a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story ? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.
The employees of Technopark, Trivandrum gathered together yet again at the Park centre to bring in the Christmas cheer and to share the warmth of friendship and togetherness and the festive spirit. Hope was born on Christmas night, and with it, we were bestowed with the gifts of love, happiness, peace and prosperity. 
A few shots of the Christmas celebrations conducted at the Technopark Kollam campus.
The words 'Merry Christmas' indicates that people make merry and enjoy in the celebration of Christ's birth. The agenda for the day is to be joyful, celebrate and share your happiness with your friends and family. The Christmas vibes were no different at Srishti. The celebrations began at Srishti at the very beginning of the month. Employees were more than happy to decorate the Christmas tree and crib. Reliving the memories of our school days the members picked their 'Christmas friends' and exchanged gifts. Cake was cut and many games were played. It was a fun filled day at Srishti, one that will be remembered and cherished.
GTech Technology Focus Group conducted a Xamarin Workshop at Travancore Hall, Park Center, Technopark, in collaboration with Microsoft earlier last week on December 15th and 16th. The workshop was a raging success with over 135 participants. The sessions were led by Microsoft technologist, Nish Anil, a hands-on mobile evangelist, who came from the original Xamarin team. He was ably assisted by a group of Xamarin enthusiasts called X-Hackers from Kochi. In spite of the steep hardware requirements, the participants had come prepared with laptops and there was minimal time lost with setup. The Microsoft team was pleasantly surprised at the level of preparedness and the diligence shown by the participants during the workshop and mentioned that it was rare to meet a tech crowd like the GTech member companies who were so intent on learning.
ICSTC 2016
Department of Statistics, University of Kerala, organized their Second International Conference on Statistics For Twenty-First Century (ICSTC 2016) on 21 December at Travancore hall, Technopark, Trivandrum.The conference aims to bring forth recent developments in the field of statistics and related areas, with an objective of formulating statistical strategies to solve the newly emerging problems of the twenty-first century. The conference was inaugurated by Hon. Governor Justice (Retd.) P Sathasivam.

How to Quit the Job with Integrity?
Article By : Suresh Kumar (Alamy)

Quitting a job is not always an easy process.... and many of us just don't have the Courage to be Professional enough to go about it. Remember what really matters is just our R & R (Relationship with people and Reputation).

Better avoid ruining our professional reputation and burning bridges with the team mates, employer and all.... That would be really great because they might have some expectations and we might have been recognised for our achievements or even this might have been reached us only because of our Luck or the unprofessional support.

Knowing the team and their strain is not a big task. Just we all need a good understanding mind for that. Anyhow the show must go on as it's a Universal Truth that the company does exist NOT because of a single person or some people. There will have a lot who put their maximum effort until they work for the company, because of the Mutual Trust. One might leave the employer or not, the employer might throw him out or not... the main is - the Responsibility, Trust, Gratitude, Attitude & finally Smooth and Healthy Exit process. When we are appointed in an organisation,there is no bridge saying we'll be protected by the Employer for our lifelong and we even doesn't agree that we'll work for the company for our life time!!! What really exist is the Mutual Trust that we'll be protected until we work for the company (with the agreed notice period if we want to leave the organisation) And we promise them our sincerity and hard work till our last working day (again keep in mind that there is an agreed notice period).

Health issues - Is there anyone who is perfectly fit in health? All has health issues in one way or another. Every organisation provides yearly health checkups, medical leaves other than normal leaves for their confirmed employees. So please show some professionalism before we quit the job / organisation at a sudden. If the quitter is a trainee / or those who is under probation would not create any serious concerns in the team when they quit the job in short notice period.

We all have the Responsibilities to our Family and and we show it to them. Such way we all must have at least a minimum of the same to our Job too!!!

Quit a job happily for our future career and keep a very good relationship with all and the good reputation too!
The sky painted in varying shades of yellow and orange as the sun sets on the Technopark Trivandrum campus.
Photo : Ajeesh K K
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