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A host of new opportunities line up in Technopark as foundation is laid on 25th February 2016 for its brand new building ‘Shiriya’ in the Phase I campus. The building that shares the name of a river flowing through Kasaragod and Kozhikode is built on massive proportions of 9 lakhs Square Feet and is expected to officially cement Technopark’s name in the big league. It will undoubtedly help in accelerating the development process that the park has indulged in for the past few years. This project is surely going to serve as a launch pad for various firms brimming with potential and is going to take the park to bigger heights.
The much-anticipated Cyberdome project will be officially inaugurated by Home Minister, Ramesh Chennithala in Amphitheatre at Technopark on February 17 at 6 PM, the function will be followed by a Commando Show. A jubilant music show by famous musician Stephen Devassy & Team is also a part of the show. The event is organized by Natana, the cultural club of Technopark in association with Kerala Police.
The project formally envisaged by Home Department to put a stop on the increasing cyber-crimes happening around the State will come up at a 2500 square feet space in Thejaswini building, Technopark. Their major activities involve stemming the threat of ISIS through social media as well as to check growing cases of crime involving Child pornography.
Vivekananda Study Circle, Technopark is organizing an event to felicitate Sreejith Panickar (Founder Member of Mission Netaji and Techie from IBS) who played a crucial role in cracking the mystery around the disappearance of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Followed by the event there will be a Seminar on “Vivekananda’s Vision in the Making of a New Era” by Dr. B.K Krishnan Nair (Former HOD, Malayalam Dept, DB College, Kollam) popularly known as Poojapura Krishnan Nair.
The 4th edition of Qisa, short film contest conducted by Prathidhwani the Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark, Trivandrum, concluded with the Prize Distribution ceremony on 9th February 2016. Famous Cine Director Shyamaprasad, the Chief Guest of the show gave away the Cash prizes and mementos to all the winners.’EL BESO’ Directed by Mahesh Periyadan of UST Global was adjudged the best film while Mahesh himself bagged the prize for Best Director. ‘RS2/-’ directed by Rahul Riji Nair of TCS was chosen as the second best film and the tag of best screen writer too was bestowed upon him for the film ‘MJ’. Anu Abraham of Allianz managed to take way the honours in Best Actress category for her performance in ‘Eaka’. Another techie who managed to impress from UST Global was Kiran Prasad for his film ‘Ennu Swantham Madhumati’ which saw a special jury mention.
Team Prakruthi, a voluntary group of Techies working towards Green thoughts & Green Living, has got together to channel their tech knowledge in the right direction by forming a mobile application ‘Sreshta Krishi’.The application officially launched by Shri. K G Girish Babu (CEO Technopark) on 9th Feb 2016 intends to support integrated pest and disease management. The heartwarming endeavor also has intention to promote Organic Farming in the premises of Technopark and assure good productivity with optimum utilization of techniques and solutions provided.
App is available for download in Google Play here for the link:
Tejus, the blood donation organization of Technopark,Trivadrum successfully put together inaugural function of its first blood donation camp of Bloom ( Blood Movement), held in Museum premises on February 6, 2016 between 9 AM to 1 PM. Shri G Sajan,Deputy Director, Doordarshan was the chief guest of the function. This event was window dressing for Tejus’s ambitious project ‘Vision 2020’, that attempts to bring 100% self-sufficiency in voluntary blood donation in RCC and SCT.
The State level final of the ICT Academy of Kerela’s technical contest for Engineering colleges “ICTAK Tecathlon” was held at Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram on 28 January 2016. The event saw good amount of competition and in the end Jyoti Engineering college, Thrissur and TOC H Institute of Science & Technology managed to stand tall by taking away the honours for 1st and  2nd prizes respectively.
Author:      Reji Thomas Mathew
Company: IBS

Twenty Five years of Technopark- Hopes and concerns of employees.
Kerala is known as God’s own Country in India and even for the world for her rich greenery. Around 25 years ago, Kerala gave birth to India’s first IT park. That too with lots of greenery around. Hence it was named as World’s Greenest Technopolis as well. As an employee in the IT field and have spent around ten years of my career in technopark, i know most of the developments and growth around this.

In early nineties, place Kazhakuttam was more like a village, with no much happenings. As years went by more companies started coming in like UST, IBS, Nest, TCS, Tata Elxsi, ARS, Infosys, IIIT MK, E&Y, Alliance, Q-Burst, HBS, Oracle etc which gave pace to the development of the IT park as well as surroundings. Not only that, these companies who started with a work force of around ten or fifty people slowly and steadily grew to hundreds and thousands of employees. Technopark became one of the top notch software exporters in India in the form of revenue.

Now we have close to 300 companies, 50000 employees and spread across different phases and buildings with a campus area of over 600 acres. More interesting fact is that it has grown out of campus to place like Pallipuram and also some firms have their own campus and buildings like UST, Infosys, IIIT MK, TCS etc now.
This has helped not only technopark, but this side of the city very well. We see many flats, shops and hotels towards this side now a days. Not only this, there are lot more constructions happening. All these providing lot of job opportunity to otherwise a unemployment struck place. So indirectly at least a lakh people might have benefited from this technology revolution. We should hence thank the authorities and aristocrats beyond parties and religions for this long vision and bold step taken in late eighties.
Especially I personally know Late Mr E K Nayanar, Ex Chief Minister and Er. Vijaya Raghavan sir Ex CEO Technopark. It was these people who stood from front to see this as a reality.
I am sure this will generate more and more revenue, profit and invite more entrepreneurs (that too youngsters) to start new initiatives. It will give job to many more thousands. So the total society upliftment also will happen hand in hand. This is really good. People who lived near this place wouldn’t have expected anything of this sort around thirty years back, I am sure.

Being said all the good part of it, there are few areas of concern, which need to be addressed on priority. I will try to list each one and then explain it in detail with potential solution or recommendations for that
@ Security of the staff (women especially)
@ Availability of commodities
@ Education for children
@ Parking facility
@ Commutation

There may be more in the list, but these five prick me a lot and I feel this may be top priority Though there are watch guard and lights all around, there are situations where security of the staff (mainly women) may be at radar. One example I quote from my wife’s experience. She didn’t get a parking place and had put vehicle outside park campus. It was late when she came back (around ten PM), At that time she saw a group of youngsters staring at her (not employees anyway). Luckily for her the beat police jeep came and she could take vehicle without fear. How can we avoid such fear and make sure our employees are secure?
Facility to buy common things: Its good that we have lot of eateries and techno mall. With this around 50% of the day to day needs are addressed. But we need something like a super market or so either inside or en-route this campus, near by so that we can benefit from that.
If we have a good school, at least one for small kids, it would be good. We have one now, but I understand the fees are on higher end. We should consider that not all employees take one lakh + per month. Hence this facility to be made more moderate. This will encourage more women employees to opt for job also.
Either we need to make way for more parking or better commutation facility need to be provided. If techpark express is extending its service I am sure people like us will opt for that against car.
If authorities take care of these things, then I am sure in another 4-5 years, this will be the best IT park in India. Let’s also ensure that, whenever we expand we plant same number or more of plants we cut as otherwise the greenest tehcnolpolis will lose its greenery, which will take out the uniqueness of our techno park “harmony at work”.
Who ever has worked behind this for that last 25 years, I really thank them and wishing this all success in uture also.
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At Technopark, Trivandrum
Photo: Sree Raj
Within a small period of time, Technopark has taken gigantic leaps and is now the major reason for the smile writ large on the faces of techies of all ages. The extremely peaceful working environment has enabled employees to rekindle their old passion and the the place manages to effortlessly bring the warmth that one can feel in the college campuses. This mind-boggling place that nurtures the smartest tech brigade in the country is well and truly on a roll.