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Intel Tech Challenge – Kerala is a specially designed programme jointly initiated by Intel and Kerala Start up Mission - to get young children to develop an interest in design, discovery, coding and develop their computational skills through play and learn activities; to give wings to their creativity and to inculcate a spirit of innovation and a scientific temperament among the young citizens.
This would involve an Online Ideathon – Submission of ideas – Makeathons – Showcase platform.

To know more please click on: Intel® Tech Challenge – Kerala or directly join the Online Ideathon.

A Workshop will be organized on “What to Pitch” and “How to Pitch” to investors by Kerala Start Up Mission on 2nd April 2016, at Technopark, Trivandrum.
For Further Information, Contact: Don Peter – Ph: +91 90377 14307
Following the success of 4th edition of Qissa, the newly formed film club of Prathidhwani, socio-cultural organisation of Technopark, Trivandrum employees will conduct a work shop on film making for the first time ever on 23rd April 2016, Saturday led by experts from plan B Infotainments. Sessions will be led by Sri Bilahari K Raj (AD Film maker, Online Film Critic), Sri.Sreeraj Raveendran (Cinematographer, Editor) & Sri. Vineeth Chakyar (Short filmmaker, Actor). The workshop will cover the basic aspects about film making in detail and hold discussions on world cinema and treatment used by different makers. Later, a practical session also will follow in which a short film will be shot and edited. All the film aspirants, hurry up and register soon.
Date of the event: Saturday, April 23,2016
Venue: Malabar Hall, Park Center
Registration Fees: Rs.500/-

Building wise contact numbers for registration: - 
Thejaswini - Vinu(9495025021), 
Nila - Mathew(9633089569)
Amstor/Msquare - Reghu(8943277882)
UST campus - Kiran(9447314305)
Bhavani - Sajin(9846966647)/Rajeev(9446551193),
Leela - Ajith(9947806429),
Infosys - Abayadev(9895476385), Gokul(9946447601)
Gayathri - Amal(7736696402)
Quest/Chandragiri - Rajith(9947787841)
IBS Campus – Prashanth T V (9747148318)

Tejus, the blood donation forum in Technopark, Trivandrum announced the dates of Prajyot trips for April 2016. Prajyot, by Team Tejus is arranging weekly trips for blood donors to Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum as a part of Vision 2020 – Self Sufficiency of Blood in RCC blood bank.
The dates for month of April are as given below:
• 7th April – Thursday
• 13th April – Wednesday
• 19th April – Tuesday
• 21st April – Thursday
• 27th April – Wednesday
• 28th April – Thursday
Read more details here

Tejus, blood donation forum of Technopark Trivandrum celebrated the Indian blood donor day on 23rd March 2016, with massive blood donations to RCC, in association with KEBS (All Kerala Blood Donors Society), IBS – Candle team and D+H.
Total of 18 techies from Technopark working in different Organizations donated blood and supported the noble cause.
Techie Donors who supported the initative were Anand, Aswin, Anandha Raman (company - ATTINAD), Hilmi, Gathu (company SUN TECH), Nikhil (company D+H), Febin, Anjana, Jaba Singh, Vipin, Anand, Anjan Kumar, Raisa Patrick, Aswathi, Achu, Ajith, Sharika (company E n Y), Suresh (company Alamy).
The NASSCOM IT Services Council (NITSC) launches TechNgage, an annual initiative to further enhance technology skills available within the country by providing a platform to recognize highly skilled people.
The event is open to all technologists and the winners will be awarded NASSCOM Technology Fellows and NASSCOM Technology Explorer
Check here for more details:
One Park please..
Author  : Balu S Chidambar
Company : IBS
Email   :

Hurray!!! My onam exams are over.. yelled Tarun. This time Tarun wanted to visit a Park during his 10 days long holiday. His friends who live in gated community have a park for themselves and they enjoy every day. He couldn’t resist his envy and used to fight with Mom daily for taking him to a park. Mamma.. where is my red T shirt? asked Tarun… Why you need that now? mama seemed to be angry. He silently started searching and finally got his favourite tee. Clock struck 6 in the evening and he rushed to the front gate, waiting for his dad. Somehow he wanted to make his dad agree to take him to a nearest park at the earliest. He saw is dad coming from a distance and he rushed towards his dad. Dad you promised to take me to park during the holidays and my holidays have started. Oh no Tarun I have an urgent work in office through this week and won’t be able to find time this week. Will try next week, mone don’t feel bad, said his dad. Tarun’s glowing face suddenly got ready to erupt any time. Boow.. Tarun got shocked and turned back … to his pleasant surprise it was Reji uncle his neighbour and best friend, his face started to glow again. So how was the exams, Tarun.. Hmm well somehow got over.. Tarun replied with a sigh. Come with me let’s play caroms, said Reji uncle. Wow that’s a good idea lets go..
Tarun, da Tarun… mom screamed.. what are you doing there? Let Reji take some rest you come and have something. Ok mama I’m coming.. Tarun yelled.. He said bye to Reji uncle and rushed home. While having food, again his desire to visit a park haunted him. Suddenly an idea struck him. Have heard Reji uncle telling he works at Park. Wow he thought of asking him and then later thought won’t ask him but follow him… Finished his dinner and rushed to his room and took his piggy bank to see how much he has saved… 103 rupees and 50 paise.. He was saving to get a cricket bat, but visiting a park is his priority now. What are you doing there asked dad.. nothing .. goodnight dad.. and Tarun went to bed with a naughty smile. Sound of his heart beat was more than the sound of alarm clock he had. He double checked the alarm time as 6 in the morning.  But he couldn’t sleep well that night and kept on checking the clock. He jumped out of bed at 6 and got ready in his red Tee. And confirmed Reji uncle hasn’t left yet. Slowly went to kitchen and ate few slices of bread and he got glued to the window from which he could see his Reji uncle leaving.
It was around 8 and Reji uncle got out, Tarun without making any noise got out of the house and declared, Mom am going to play with my friends will come in the evening only. And slammed  the door behind and started following Reji uncle. They reached the bus stand and as soon as Reji uncle got in he too managed to squeeze in without Reji uncle noticing him. Reji uncle told conductor 1 park please and Tarun to echoed the same. In the bus he overheard a conversation, which multiplied his happiness, We don’t use waterfall now a days, everyone are moving to agile. Tarun couldn’t make out the entire conversation but interpreted that waterfall is definitely going to be one of the attraction. But why no one use that now a days? And those who use might be put in jail? Several thoughts ran through Tarun’s mind. Majority of the passengers got down and Reji uncle too. Tarun made out that it’s the Park stop, he too got down and stayed back for a while so that Reji uncle doesn’t notice him. Now Tarun was on cloud nine, his long-time cherished desire is a reality now. Wow lots of people has come today it’s going to be real fun. He tried to get in to the Park and a security officer stopped him. Hey Kid where are you going? Is someone accompanying you? Where are you from? Tarun got scared but somehow managed to tell, I’m Tarun and want to see park. The security guy laughed and told, No. You have to know someone working the park to get in. Tarun didn’t think twice, he said he know Reji uncle who works in the park. Reji uncle? There could be 100s of Reji in this campus whom do you want to meet? Luckily Tarun had a business card of Reji uncle which he managed to get while playing caroms the previous day. Oh ok let me call him and ask, but Tarun tried to stop him, I need to give him a surprise. But the security officer told, sorry kid you have to obtain a pass and for that we need to confirm Reji knows you. Tarun didn’t follow anything but before he can tell anything officer spoke to Reji and luckily Reji agreed he knows Tarun and accepted to issue the pass.
Tarun jumped in joy and got hold of the pass to visit the Park and that too free. The security officer then told you have to go near Pampa, take those steps at the end of this road. Oh that’s good I can see pampa river too … thought Tarun. He thanked the officer and started his adventure. On to his right side he saw a fountain and a building of glass.. Might be something related to space, lemme get in to that building first. He was again stopped at the gate. Tarun without thinking any further flashed his pass. Sorry Tarun Reji works near pampa and its bit further up, you have to take that steps, guided another security. Tarun got puzzled, but he had no other option and he decided to see pampa river first. His friends had told about slide, see saw, rope way etc. in the park but Tarun couldn’t find any such things. But he decided to explore. He started climbing the steps and enjoyed the forestish way and managed to reach the top. But there wasn’t any signs of a river, Tarun’s hopes started becoming disappointments. Suddenly he  heard the sound of panchavadyam and even spotted an elephant. He spent some time watching the show and thoroughly enjoyed. There were few ladies with pink overcoat cleaning the cars parked out there. Seeing Tarun they asked the same questions the officer had asked. And they were kind enough to ring Reji uncle and Reji uncle agreed to be there in 5 mins.
Puzzled Reji uncle couldn’t control his laughter when Tarun narrated the plot. Tarun, this is Technopark and not children’s park, Reji uncle explained.  Tarun out of curiosity asked where is pampa river. Reji continued… Technopark has lots of building, named after rivers in Kerala, such as Nila, Bhavani, Pampa, Periyar etc. In these buildings people create wonders, and this park has brought smile to 1000’s of families in all walks of life. After a brief silence, Reji uncle told since you are here, lets roam around the largest technology park of India.  Tarun was lucky enough to see pookalam, puli kali and even had sumptuous sadya at Reji uncles office as they were celebrating onam that day. Both decided to walk around the park seeing how nature, technology and the tall buildings blend together and provides the best bed for innovation. Tarun enjoyed the lawn near Bhavani, the view of city from top of Tejaswini, the design of water tank near park centre, the open air auditorium, the huge m2 ground, food courts, and they even rented a bicycle to complete their tour of Technopark. By that time it was evening and Reji uncles company had arranged a visit to one of their beneficiary as part of the companies social responsibility. Tarun too found a place in the group and he thoroughly enjoyed the precious time spent with the kids in the beneficiary.
Altogether it was an informative, adventurous, mind blowing experience for Tarun and he has already decided that one day he too will be part of this great place. Reji uncle and Tarun caught the bus back home and the all excited Tarun can’t wait any longer to share his experience with his mom. Even though he had fears of how would mom react when she will know that he visited a Park alone, the thrill of sights he had subdued the fear. As soon as they reached the bus stop, Tarun jumped out of the bus and ran towards his house and opened the gate with a bang and yelled.. mom do you know what I saw today? And mom too enjoyed every bit of narration Tarun did. But also warned Tarun not to do such things in future without discussing with her. Tarun nodded his head and was still in the mesmerizing thoughts to Technopark.
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A stunning sight to behold
At Infosys, Technopark, Trivandrum Phase II 
Photo: Vineeth Vijayan