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Blockchain Developer

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We are looking for senior-level developer to join a development team at the go-to-market stage in building permissioned blockchain applications. Their main responsibility will be to develop, demo, and market a lightweight customizable product to clients. They will apply cutting-edge open-source architectures to new and exciting use cases. 


Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Design, prototype, and implement front-end JavaScript web applications (e.g., Angular, Vue, React), back-end Hyperledger compatible databases (e.g., CouchDB, SQL or NoSQL), APIs (e.g., REST, grpc), and containerized networks (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes)

  • Build custom user interfaces backed by blockchain-based smart contracts to support a variety of architectures or use cases

  • Use open source toolsets to create modular container-based mesh networks, data and user workflows

  • Apply testing, continuous delivery, and deployment best practices to improve time to delivery

  • Draft supporting documentation for developer and non-technical audiences

  • Adapt prototypes to Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD) paradigms

  • Automate common development, testing, data mining, and data manipulation tasks using DevOps tools, macros, scripts, and advanced metadata analysis techniques

Required skills

Preferred skills


  • Bachelor or master’s degree(s) in software engineering, data science, information systems, systems engineering, statistics, computer science, cryptography, or related field(s) with at least three to five years (3-5 yrs.) of work experience

  • Demonstrable experience running Hyperledger Fabric based blockchain in development or in production, filling a key role on the team

  • Comfortable using encryption in development workflows, e.g., certificate authorities, database encryption, etc., collaborating with other subject matter experts

  • Certification(s) in cloud (Azure), business intelligence (Tableau), and Agile/Scrum/Kanban methods, collaborating with deployment experts

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