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Senior Developer Java

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Brief description :

An all round person, with j2ee skills
Independent responsibility for the project 

Experience: 6+ years
Post : One

Preferred skills

The required exposure in technologies are as follows:
  1. GUI- play framework java version.  Also knowledge of bootstrap and anjular.js. good to have mobile development
  2. java js2e-know threading processing.  Must have know to call and delevope services.  Heavy into axis1.2 and Jersey rest. Knowledge or postman and soapui. 
  3. knowledge of async processing leveraging rabbit
  4. JS skills for Microsoft integration
  5. database. Mysql and postgreSQL, will be moving to object storage with mongo
  6. great to have is knowledge of non and automation.  We use red hat jbpm and drools.  Uipath from automation.
  7. CiCD - jenkins and jenkins pipeline and puppet experience helpful.  Automated testing.
  8. container- docker and azure cintainers..  Will eventually get containers.
  9. cloud - good understanding of azure and aws
  10. security.  Cryptography, saml, oauth. Other

The detailed profile is to be send to Please mention the notice period if any.

1) First, Telephonic Interview will be scheduled at your convenience.

2) Second, A face to Face Interview will be scheduled on a mutually convenient date.