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Senior Software Implementation and Support Engineer

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Designation – Senior Software Implementation and Support Engineer

Experience - 2 to 4 years in the Edtech industry

Location – Technopark, Trivandrum

Qualification:  UG or PG

 Roles and Responsibilities


  1. Responsible for implementation of the software and  its overall functioning.

  2. Take timely feedback from the customers and be accountable for their overall satisfaction.

  3. Maintain a good relationship with the customers through scheduled visits.

  4. Provide necessary training for the team.

  5. Implementation of plans taken and ensure timely changes.

  6. Take new steps and propose new features of the product to the management.

  7. Collaborate with development team to design new modules for the client implementation activities 

  8. Manage proper communication with the department to resolve issues.

  9. Prepare and maintain technical and business documents and collaborate with clients and team to provide support.

  10. Assist clients to monitor software implementation lifecycle and assist making appropriate customization to software for clients.

  11. Perform various tests on process with help of test cases and prepare documents for the same.

  12. Coordinate with the manager to resolve all issues within the required timeframe and inform management of any delays.

Preferred skills

Key skills preferred


  •  Technical and Functional Expertise.

  •  Must possess strong cross team/group/org collaboration skills; ability to foresee and analyze

  •  Excellent Communication Skills