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Project Manager - Kochi

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Project Manager

We expect our candidates to have 5+ years of experience in Project management. ISO 9001/2700-2013 certified software consultants head quartered in Kochi.


As a Project manager this person will be responsible for leading the team towards achieving the targets set by the management on behalf of the client, analyzing how the present version of the project is running, What can be improved, The ideal candidate will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing projects within the decided-upon budget, timeline, and scope. They will also effectively monitor and present project updates to stakeholders, clients, or project team members.

Preferred skills

Skills required

  • Actual experience in handling projects.
  • Actual experience on working and managing service-based projects
  • Ability to take responsibility and accountability.
  • It would be desirable to have had experience working on the technical front prior to taking up project management role.
  • Fluent in English and ability to communicate effectively with international clients.
  • Monitor Project Progress and Set Deadlines.
  • Solve escalations from clients.
  • Ensure Stakeholder Satisfaction.
  • Evaluate Project Performance.


  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience
  • Strong business acumen in project planning and management
  • Strong verbal, written, and organizational skills

Notice Period-15-30 Days  Email ID-  Phone number - 9037254724