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Relationship Executive

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We are looking for Relationship Executive (Female). 

As a relationship executive, you should maintain contact with clients, work to understand their needs, and then advise them on which of our offerings could best support their objectives. 

Key responsibilities:

1. Meeting with potential clients to gauge the utility and viability of prospective working relationships.

2. Ensuring regular contact with existing clients to maintain our company's presence.

3. Repairing disengaged or fractured relationships.

4. Conducting in-depth needs assessments to better understand each client's requirements.

5. Identifying a range of our offerings that could meet the goals and values of each client.

6. Proposing and deliberating potential solutions in consultation with clients. 


Salary :10k to 15k




Preferred skills

1. Outstanding verbal and written communication.

2. Ability to forge profound working relationships.

3. Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills.

4. Must Know Malayalam and English Languages.