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Java Developer

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Brief description :

Techvantage Analytics is a fast-growing AI services company is looking for Java Developer. In this role, you will be responsible for analyzing user requirements and business objectives, determining application features and functionality, and recommending changes to existing Java-based applications, among other duties. The Manual tester works with the development team to debug code, correct errors, and troubleshoot any issues with software code.

Roles and Responsibilities:

·       Designing and implementing Java-based applications.

·       Analyzing user requirements to inform application design.

·       Defining application objectives and functionality.

·       Aligning application design with business goals.

·       Developing and testing software.

·       Debugging and resolving technical problems that arise.

·       Producing detailed design documentation.

·       Recommending changes to existing Java infrastructure.

·       Developing multimedia applications.

·       Developing documentation to assist users.

·       Ensuring continuous professional self-development.

Preferred skills

·       1+ years of experience in Java, with a good understanding of its ecosystems

·       Sound knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Patterns and Concepts

·       Familiarity with different design and architectural patterns

·       Skill for writing reusable Java libraries

·       Knowhow of Java concurrency patterns

·       Basic Understanding of the concepts of MVC (Model-View-Controller) Pattern, JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), and RESTful web services

·       Experience in working with popular web application frameworks like Play and Spark

·       Relevant Knowledge of Java GUI frameworks like Swing, SWT, AWT according to project requirements

·       Ability to write clean, readable Java code

·       Basic knowhow of class loading mechanism in Java

·       Experience in handling external and embedded databases

·       Understanding basic design principles behind a scalable application

·       Skilled at creating database schemas that characterize and support business processes

·       Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests

·       In-depth knowledge of code versioning tools, for instance, Git

·       Understanding of building tools like Ant, Maven, Gradle, etc

·       Expertise in continuous integration