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Technical Lead - Embedded

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Brief description :

• Perform software requirements analysis and determine the functional and non-functional requirements of the project.

• Create solutions and software architecture design.

• Work breakdown, tasks estimation and scheduling tasks for the team.

• Communicate with clarity of requirements and expectations of deliverables.

• On-time delivery of the product with quality

• Work closely with stake holders including customers to ensure successful execution of the project.

• Manage priority changes and conflicts gracefully with stakeholders involved.

• Address customer escalations and be able to think at fast pace to identify and solve issues in the product.

• Proactively use/ suggest tools and systems to improve quality, productivity etc.

• Stay up to date on relevant technology and process advancements.

Preferred skills

• 7-10 years’ experience in embedded software development (firmware/ drivers/middleware/ applications) in Embedded Linux/ Free RTOS or Bare Metal systems.

• Experience developing embedded software for various Embedded OS/Microcontrollers/ SoCs using C/C++.

• Good understanding of software development lifecycles (SDLC), version control and traceability.

• Experience in developing software under Waterfall and Agile development methodology.

• Knowledgeable and well versant with various development tools for designing,coding, debugging/ troubleshooting, testing, bug tracking, collaboration and source control.

• Experience in setting up debuggers and troubleshooting issues that are hardware/ OS environment related.


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Engineering discipline - Electronics.