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Production Manager / Workflow Manager

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Experience: 10+ Years


Job Description

• Responsible for resource planning across all projects in the office.
• Adept at applying analytical thinking to complex data while also considering the human aspect of the Animation business to create decisive, timely, and confident action plans.
• Influential with studio leadership, executives, department heads and the production management team to execute all plans.
• Work with project leadership to ensure successful shot management is occurring, and resources are efficiently utilized and managed through diligent evaluation.


Preferred skills

• Ensure that information for resource planning and staffing decisions is accurate and up-to-date.
• Skilled at providing articulate, actionable and even-handed feedback to the Senior production management team.
• Sharp organizational and time management skills, able to engage in varied projects simultaneously while maintaining meticulous attention to detail and working towards deadlines.
• Collaborate with the Senior Operations Team on efficiency goals, projections, and project plans.
• Responsible for communicating pipeline and procedure roll outs, as needed
• Consistently look for ways to improve and innovate existing workflows and production management tools.
• Ensure new show setups are completed in a timely and accurate manner.
• Model a “customer service” approach to other departments.
• Maintain a desire to deliver consistently high-quality work, while encouraging those around you to strive for those same standards.
• Act as liaison to other departments and project management team. Maintain a general pulse of what company leadership and other departments need from the production management team.
• Manage conflict resolution and sensitive conversations with diplomacy and discretion
• Participate in interviews and recruiting as needed.
• Foster a positive company culture